Sunday, October 25, 2015

Villafranca, day 14

31km today and it was a long but good day. I left at 8 am and didn't get to Villafranca till 545. I stopped for mass at Santa Maria de Compestillo and that was over an hour delay. At Ponferrada, there was an amazing castle that I took some pictures of. I also stopped at a couple of other churches as well, so it made for a long day.
I felt like a pilgrim a lot today. A special feeling. The old people wish the pilgrims Buen Camino if you greet them. But not the younger crowd.
One lady who was with her mother whom I greeted stopped and gave me a handful of nuts and wished me a Buen Camino. That was very special. It made my day.

I have done 308 km now and I have 185 left. HARD TO BELIEVE THAT.

IT IS SUPPOSED TO RAIN FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS, AND WE CLIMB BACK INTO THE MOUNTAINS. Lots of talk about the thunderstorms tomorrow.
Though a long day, I went through 20 km of vineyards and it was beautiful especially with the fall colors. Lots of gunshots in the vineyards, as I heard over a 100 shots fired. At first, I was scared. But I finally figured out what they were doing.
1. A flower for Annie
2, A flower for grandma

WELL, ENOUGH FOR TONIGHT. Staying at the Alburgue Leo, and it is okay. Talked to 3 different people today, 2 that already had bedbugs, One guys ears are all bandaged up from all the bites he got. I'm okay so far.

I love you all. Buen Camino. Djoe


  1. Please be careful along the WAY! Angels are guiding you so listen well! Please pray for me as I/we downsize more each day! BP Retreat this week. pray for our 35 students & about 5/6 Directors. Love YA! Your Sista+

  2. You're doing well St Joseph!!! Keep your ole co-partner, Susan S in your prayers and send angels to guard her way -- they flew her to SLC early afternoon after two strokes
    right about noon. She's resting well, says son Steve. Swing the thurible for Bill and me when you get to Santiago de Compostello!! ����