Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pictures of day 12 and explanation.

1st picture, the sacred spot of the cross of Jesus. Lots of emotions here. I spent an hour there. Smoked and prayed and sang a journey song as well. Pilgrims praying around the cross. reminded me of the center pole in the Sundance, 
2nd picture, beautiful view of mountains and fall.
3rd pic arriving in Molinaseca,
4th pic  traditional statue of St James the Pilgrim. Rainy and wet for a while and cloudy and cool the rest of the day.277 km done and 218km left. 

What a awesome experience. PTL,



  1. Hi & Blessings my dear Brother! We continue our prayers for you & send the angels along your WAY! Please be careful & take care. We need you whole & entire!!!
    LOVE YA MUCHLY! Your Sis! Later & thanks for the blogs & great pictures!!!

  2. I carried a stone from Montana and left it at the cross for my brother Greg who suggered from cancer. It was very emotional and healing for us both.

    Buen camino my brother