Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ventas de Naron , after dinner

Staying at the casa Molar with only 2 other pilgrims, both American. Had a wonderful discussion with Tom from Portland and Ruth from St Louis. Had chicken noodle soup and chicken and potatoes, and Santiago cake for dessert, which has an almond taste. Tempted to try octopus as it is a delicacy here. The wind is howling outside. RAIN for casted for the rest of the Camino. Praise the Lord. Blessings to all. BUEN Camino. Djoe

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  1. My Dear Brother: many special prayers & blessings coming your way from Pittsburgh. Am so very awe-struck by your endeavors & stamina! God be Praised! Our Retreat is finished & now Gratitude for all the blessings of the Spirit! Our WAY was on the College Campus! Many young people searching & yearning for a deeper relationship with God! Amen. alleluia! Be safe & am sending love & prayers!
    Your sis+