Friday, October 30, 2015

Pictures from Friday.


1 and 2--flowers for Shirley and Annie.
3 the Camino.
4. Pilgrims statue pointing the way to Santiago.
An old village church.


  1. Sounds so exciting Joe to know that you are so near to the closure of THIS Way, however, the Way does not end until Heaven!!! Be strong & I pray for your on-going endurance in this precious journey of faith, hope & love! Much love & prayers coming your way!! Your Sis+ Thanks for the lovely photos! Good to see some of the Way!

  2. There is a daily mass in English in Santiago Cathedral and here’s the schedule for 2015 (from May to October):

    English Daily mass at 10.30am and 6pm


    12.00 h. Altar Mayor: Misa del PEREGRINO.

    18.00 h. Altar Mayor, en gallego.

    19.30 h. Altar Mayor: Misa del PEREGRINO.

    Domingos y festivos

    7.30 h. Capilla del Santísimo.

    8.00 h. Capilla del Santísimo.

    9.00 h. Capilla del Santísimo. Al finalizar se expone el Santísimo Sacramento hasta las 19.15 h.

    9.40 h. Canto de Laudes en latín en el Altar Mayor.

    10.00 h. Altar Mayor.

    11.00 h. Parroquia de La Corticela.

    12.00 h. Altar Mayor: Misa del PEREGRINO.

    13.15 h. Altar Mayor.

    18.00 h. Altar Mayor.

    19.30 h. Altar Mayor: Misa del PEREGRINO.

    These services take place at the Chapel of Our Lady of ‘Soledad’ (on the left as you enter from the Plaza Inmaculada).