Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ventas de Naron Thursday night . 29th

Did 31. 6 Km today as I am trying to make it to Santiago for All Saints mass. Only 79 km left. HARD to believe. It was rainy and misty and the wind came from my left side. Gusty wind especially this afternoon. Was concerned when I heard about my brother, Fr Jim from Lodge Grass being attacked after mass last night. So I started out praying a rosary to calm myself down and who joined me was my brother Tom in spirit and I was moved and consoled. I struggled with where to stay because the group I have been meeting at night stayed 6km back, but I kept walking. I arrived here and I was the only pilgrim staying, when in came a guy from Portland, and his name is Tom. That is the blessings of the Camino.
I need Mike M. To email me on my Gmail address please. thanks. That address for me is.
Prayers today for all battling addictions and for all us codepents as well.
1.bridge into Portomarin.
2.Me yeah!!!!
3. km markers every 1/2 km from here on.
That one is 78, I think. Ha

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