Saturday, October 31, 2015

Another Saturday night thought.

I met a group of Spanish kids this morning and they were walking 40 km on the Camino. Their age was about 10 to 13. When I went past them they all yelled BOO and happy Halloween. Then they wished me a Buen Camino. It made my day. Picture to follow.
Buen Camino. Djoe

Also what I ate for dinner.

I stayed at the Concha hostel tonight and I am excited to get up and walk the last 10 km to Santiago. Good night. Buen Camino. Djoe 

Lots of pictures today. Saturday

1 - resting my feet.
2-  the Camino.
3-  km markers to Santiago
4-  same
5-  name of restaurant I am at
6-  had to show you that the the big toenail is off but healing well. You didn't want to see last week. Buen Camino. Djoe

Lavacolla, Saturday night.

I am 10. 5 km from Santiago de compestelo. I did 35 km today and it was a bit much but I am so excited for the All Saints pilgrim mass at noon tomorrow. Just wanted to make sure I get there early. A lovely day. Only rained for 20 minutes. I walked in my sandals the last 2 days and they are almost done for.
I also hope to attend all souls mass on Monday at the cathedral.
Prayers today for all the parishes on the reservations and all who are in ministry in all the various churches.

Miss my cuzin Donna today and tomorrow she will be with me in a special way.
Grateful for this body of mine that has brought me this far. I have pushed it hard the Last 3 days. I am over 300miles today.   WOW, WOW, WOW.
Pictures to follow Time to eat. Buen Camino. Djoe

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pictures from Friday.


1 and 2--flowers for Shirley and Annie.
3 the Camino.
4. Pilgrims statue pointing the way to Santiago.
An old village church.

Boente, Friday night

Longest day on the Camino. 33km very tired but it was a good day. No rain. and cool with a breeze all day. Trying to make All Saints mass on Sunday. I have 46 km left to Santiago. Hard to believe. The pilgrims mass is at noon on Sunday. I have 27. 5 km tomarrow and then 20.1 on Sunday. I should be able to do it. Staying at  Boente Albergue .It's crowded but okay. I had a hamburger for lunch. The first one since I left the states. It was not McDonald's but it was good. Got to talk to Shirley and Annie today and that was really good. I love walking the Camino. The conscious contact with the Lord is so good. Thank you Jesus.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ventas de Naron , after dinner

Staying at the casa Molar with only 2 other pilgrims, both American. Had a wonderful discussion with Tom from Portland and Ruth from St Louis. Had chicken noodle soup and chicken and potatoes, and Santiago cake for dessert, which has an almond taste. Tempted to try octopus as it is a delicacy here. The wind is howling outside. RAIN for casted for the rest of the Camino. Praise the Lord. Blessings to all. BUEN Camino. Djoe

Ventas de Naron Thursday night . 29th

Did 31. 6 Km today as I am trying to make it to Santiago for All Saints mass. Only 79 km left. HARD to believe. It was rainy and misty and the wind came from my left side. Gusty wind especially this afternoon. Was concerned when I heard about my brother, Fr Jim from Lodge Grass being attacked after mass last night. So I started out praying a rosary to calm myself down and who joined me was my brother Tom in spirit and I was moved and consoled. I struggled with where to stay because the group I have been meeting at night stayed 6km back, but I kept walking. I arrived here and I was the only pilgrim staying, when in came a guy from Portland, and his name is Tom. That is the blessings of the Camino.
I need Mike M. To email me on my Gmail address please. thanks. That address for me is.
Prayers today for all battling addictions and for all us codepents as well.
1.bridge into Portomarin.
2.Me yeah!!!!
3. km markers every 1/2 km from here on.
That one is 78, I think. Ha

To Sarria we go

Walking in the rain for the 3rd day in a row . The reflection in the Brierley book is powerful. Despite the weather and cold, there is another reality that is mystical and full of serenity. Walking with Jesus is all I can say.
Walking with Pruitt again as well.
I have also walked on the streets of pure gold.
Saw the sun for about 20 minutes. Remembered that I have a shadow. Tomorrow has only a 30 %chance of rain. YAHOO.
WAS Praying for all musicians and all who are incarcerated today. Strange.
Had 2 close encounters with bedbugs the last two days. But I am okay so far. Both times I left following a premonition not to stay.
Traveled on another 3.5 km from Sarria so today I did 22km. Lots of tourists in Sarria and a lot of pilgrims start from there so they can get a compostela --certificate of completion.   Only 108 km to Santiago. I would like to get there for Sundays All Saints mass. Can anyone find out what time mass is in Satiago de Compestillo on Sunday. . Thanks

1 Where I stayed last night in Triacastela
2 Camino pictures

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Reboleira day 16 , arrived at Triacastela

Wet and windy and rainy all day long. Lots of blessings on these harder days. Stayed drier than yesterday. Walking with Pruitt from Phoenix. The Vistas and scenery were great even in the rain.
Did 21.5 km today and so far 359 km. Hard to believe. Have about 140 km left and 7 walking days. Hallelujah.
1 loved the stop sign. Don't stop walking.

2 me in my rain gear.
3,  2 girls age 12 walking the Camino and being home schooled along the way.
4  entering Triacastela
5  statue of pilgrim that looks exhausted

6 love this couple 

Day 15 O Cebreiro Top of the Camino

Left at 7 30 am with a man from Phoenix. It rained all day, 31km and it was rugged and prayerful. All up hill and we climbed in the rain. I spent some time with a Korean girl whose father is a pastor, Presbyterian. THEN STRAIGHT UP IN THE rain and I was by myself. I put my head down because my glasses kept fogging up. And at 1km left the sun came out and I was soaked through. I checked in at the Alburgue and it was packed and everybody was wet and it stunk really bad. Very concerned about bedbugs so I looked for my friend from Phoenix and we got a double room for 15 euros a piece. So we showered and found WiFi and now we are blogging and getting ready to eat. 154 km 6 miles pictures

1 up the Camino
2 gal from Korea
3 way up top
4 town I am in

Monday, October 26, 2015

Comment I heard today about the Camino.

The Camino isn't spiritual anymore. It's not like it used to be.

And I responded, The Camino is alive and powerful. Jesus is still here and those who come with a humble heart are invited by Jesus to walk with him. And those who already carry Jesus in their hearts can connect in a most awesome way. He said he would think about it. and he walked away.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Villafranca, day 14

31km today and it was a long but good day. I left at 8 am and didn't get to Villafranca till 545. I stopped for mass at Santa Maria de Compestillo and that was over an hour delay. At Ponferrada, there was an amazing castle that I took some pictures of. I also stopped at a couple of other churches as well, so it made for a long day.
I felt like a pilgrim a lot today. A special feeling. The old people wish the pilgrims Buen Camino if you greet them. But not the younger crowd.
One lady who was with her mother whom I greeted stopped and gave me a handful of nuts and wished me a Buen Camino. That was very special. It made my day.

I have done 308 km now and I have 185 left. HARD TO BELIEVE THAT.

IT IS SUPPOSED TO RAIN FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS, AND WE CLIMB BACK INTO THE MOUNTAINS. Lots of talk about the thunderstorms tomorrow.
Though a long day, I went through 20 km of vineyards and it was beautiful especially with the fall colors. Lots of gunshots in the vineyards, as I heard over a 100 shots fired. At first, I was scared. But I finally figured out what they were doing.
1. A flower for Annie
2, A flower for grandma

WELL, ENOUGH FOR TONIGHT. Staying at the Alburgue Leo, and it is okay. Talked to 3 different people today, 2 that already had bedbugs, One guys ears are all bandaged up from all the bites he got. I'm okay so far.

I love you all. Buen Camino. Djoe

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thoughts on day 12

I am finally getting better at blogging every day. And pictures as well. I have met so many wonderful people already and you kinda walk close to a group for a few days and then you meet another new group and I have already traveled with 3 different groups. I have met people from at least 25 different countries. wow.
Albergue, San Martin, right side of road leaving town.

Buen Camino. Djoe

Pictures of day 12 and explanation.

1st picture, the sacred spot of the cross of Jesus. Lots of emotions here. I spent an hour there. Smoked and prayed and sang a journey song as well. Pilgrims praying around the cross. reminded me of the center pole in the Sundance, 
2nd picture, beautiful view of mountains and fall.
3rd pic arriving in Molinaseca,
4th pic  traditional statue of St James the Pilgrim. Rainy and wet for a while and cloudy and cool the rest of the day.277 km done and 218km left. 

What a awesome experience. PTL,


Day 12 I think. ....

6km up and now I am at Foncebadon. Getting ready to leave the stones I carried at the special cross that is in 2 km. It's a day of letting go and letting God. I woke up this morning with a indescribable joy of knowing Jesus personally and the walk up was filled with joy and gratitude. THANK YOU JESUS. The Italians in the restaurant I am in are very loud but the classical  music that is playing makes up for it. When I am done today, I will have walked 277 km Later Buen Camino. Djoe

Friday, October 23, 2015


Only 22 km today. Left Astorga late as I went to mass at 10 at the cathedral there. Then I went to a pilgrims museum which was great. So I got a late start but I did call Shirley and Anna at 6 am there time, 2pm my time. Great news. My right big toe is looking good. Keeping an eye on my left toe now. Attended evening prayer with the Benedictines here tonight. Excellent.
Tomorrow we go over the mountains. Might rain. Hallelujah. No WiFi tomarrow when I start. I will connect tomarrow evening. Love you all. Buen Camino. Djoe

Pictures of the Camino and signs that guide us. Picture of St Ann, Blessed Mother and Jesus. Never saw one like it. Last is of St Joseph, my Patron, 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Astoria Finally!

A good day of prayer for the tribe. 31km today and I am exausted. 229 km so far. But I would do it all over again . Blessings to all. Tomorrow is a day of prayer for all struggling with cancer. Especially for Sue and Princess and Miles and Laura. Love you all. Buen Camino. Djoe

Pictures below are of the Camino and other pilgrims. I love the one of the 3 girls resting with their shoes off. Feet take a beating.