Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Reboleira day 16 , arrived at Triacastela

Wet and windy and rainy all day long. Lots of blessings on these harder days. Stayed drier than yesterday. Walking with Pruitt from Phoenix. The Vistas and scenery were great even in the rain.
Did 21.5 km today and so far 359 km. Hard to believe. Have about 140 km left and 7 walking days. Hallelujah.
1 loved the stop sign. Don't stop walking.

2 me in my rain gear.
3,  2 girls age 12 walking the Camino and being home schooled along the way.
4  entering Triacastela
5  statue of pilgrim that looks exhausted

6 love this couple 


  1. Happy Sts. Simon & Jude tomorrow & happy "Today"! sounds rigorous but very special & spiritual. angels continue to be with you & we are praying daily for you "along this special way of prayer & penance"! Am giving a Busy Persons Retreat with 4 other Vocation Directors on day 2 today. Six precious students searching deeper for God! Blessings my dear Bro. & may Jesus & Mary & Joseph be your endurance and strength along the "Way!" Love & prayers, always! Your Sis+

  2. Keep steppin Deacon Joe! these pic make me Happy! Good days always Sending Love from Montana,,, R. Charette(the Other R.) lol