Thursday, October 29, 2015

To Sarria we go

Walking in the rain for the 3rd day in a row . The reflection in the Brierley book is powerful. Despite the weather and cold, there is another reality that is mystical and full of serenity. Walking with Jesus is all I can say.
Walking with Pruitt again as well.
I have also walked on the streets of pure gold.
Saw the sun for about 20 minutes. Remembered that I have a shadow. Tomorrow has only a 30 %chance of rain. YAHOO.
WAS Praying for all musicians and all who are incarcerated today. Strange.
Had 2 close encounters with bedbugs the last two days. But I am okay so far. Both times I left following a premonition not to stay.
Traveled on another 3.5 km from Sarria so today I did 22km. Lots of tourists in Sarria and a lot of pilgrims start from there so they can get a compostela --certificate of completion.   Only 108 km to Santiago. I would like to get there for Sundays All Saints mass. Can anyone find out what time mass is in Satiago de Compestillo on Sunday. . Thanks

1 Where I stayed last night in Triacastela
2 Camino pictures

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