Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thoughts on day 12

I am finally getting better at blogging every day. And pictures as well. I have met so many wonderful people already and you kinda walk close to a group for a few days and then you meet another new group and I have already traveled with 3 different groups. I have met people from at least 25 different countries. wow.
Albergue, San Martin, right side of road leaving town.

Buen Camino. Djoe

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  1. I truly admire your steadfastness & determination! God IS with you! Please pray for me & all of our sisters here at Mt. Assisi & in our US Province & Congregation! Much love & prayers as we begin our Busy Persons Retreat tonight at Robert Morris University in Moon Township. 8 PM Mass & sessions with 5 students each day till Thursday. Blessings! Your sis+