Friday, November 6, 2015

Last pictures

1st picture. the Last Supper.
2nd picture If you don't know this saint look and read the next picture.

And finally, for me, the Camino continues on. I love you all.

Buen Camino. Djoe

Final Blog November 6th

My trip home was another experience of the Lord watching over me and providing for me. I purchased a plane ticket from Ryanair from Santiago de compestelo to Madrid on my phone but wasn't sure that I actually got it. I paid 12 dollars for the ticket but I never got a confirmation from them. So I took the bus --3 euros -'and got to the airport 4 hours early to make sure. Well, it was siesta time and nothing was open at the airport. At 7 30 pm they opened and yes I had a ticket but I couldn't get my boarding ticket on my phone for some strange reason. Well, a very nice lady helped me out and in 5 minutes all was done.
I arrived in Madrid at 1145 pm and was planning to spend the night at the airport  , but I realized that it wasn't a good idea. In that terminal alone, there were hundreds of others doing the same. I had an offer from 2 other pilgrims to stay at the place they were in but it would cost 120 euros. But I didn't go with them. I tried to roll out my sleeping bag and rest but in came the cleaning people and they kept moving everyone. It was chaos. I heard this little voice inside of me saying, we can do better than this. So I got up, rolled up my sleeping bag and found an information desk. The lady said that all the hotel's were full. Then she asked if I was a peregrino, and I said yes. She said there was a little hostel about 10 minutes away and it was only 50 euros, and they would come and get me as well. It was an excellent little place with my own bathroom and all. They even took me back to the airport that next morning. I left Madrid at 11 am and I was in Billings at 1130 pm and my wingman Mike picked me up. I gained 8 hours on the way home. On my flight from Madrid, I sat next to a pilgrim as well. She had an amazing story.
Struggling with jet lag and some stomach issues, but I will be okay.
I am so grateful to all who have supported me on the Camino in so many ways. Couldn't have done it without so many awesome people that had my back.
I still have some pictures that I took the day I left Santiago of the church of St Francis. Those will follow.
One last thing. Thomas Shoulderblade was on my flight when I left Billings and again when I arrived home. He really blessed me and I appreciate him very much. HAHO.
1st --a Korean couple that I met on the Camino and then had not seen them for over a week. At my last mass at the cathedral, at the sign of peace, they were 3 seats behind me. What a blessing to see them.
2nd picture, A statue of the dying of St Joseph with Jesus and Mary by his side. First time I have ever seen this.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Leaving Santiago de compestelo.

Went to mass at noon and saw a Korean couple I traveled with for a while. Check pictures. Also visited the church of St Francis. Check pictures On my way to the airport. Buen Camino. Djoe
Pictures of the death of St Joseph, never saw one like this.
Who is this lady. Muy important in the life of St James.
Got to get to the airport Buen Camino. Djoe

Homily. Esta Casa Muy importante.

November 4th Wednesday

Might be my last post in Santiago de compestelo. Ready to check out of the Alburgue, The Last stamp, stowe my pack and go to the pilgrims mass at noon. I fly out on Ryanair at 8 pm, spend the night at Madrid airport and then fly to Newark at 10am tomorrow. Already missing the Camino. dealing with letting go. A big thanks to all who supported me in so many ways. I love you all. Buen Camino. Djoe


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pictures from Finesterre

1. Lighthouse at Finesterre
2 - the 0km marker.
3 - burning or leaving of clothes and shoes.
4 entry way into the lighthouse

,Back home safe in Santiago .

Tuesday, November 3

On the bus to Finesterre or Fissterre. The first name is closer to Latin which means end of the world. The Romans named it this when they were here.
The Vistas are beautiful as we ride along the coastal waterways. Met a lovely retired couple, teachers, who are getting off 12 km before so they can walk in and enjoy the entry to the end of the world. Their names are Jack and guess -'---Carol.
The reason why I did that is because it's a special day for some one very close to me.
A most blessed birthday blessing to my dearest OLDER SISTER who is 102, no, I think she is 72 today. Whatever. Happy birthday. HALLELUJAH! €$#/^&*
Some of the pilgrims also walk these last 90 km as part of the Camino. Because of time, I am on the bus.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Incensor on all souls. hope this works

I took an awesome video of the incensor today but I can't post a video. Shucks It goes right past me by about 5 feet.

Saw a lot of pilgrims arrive today and helped show them where to go . Lots of emotions. Amazing how many people I have run into that I met while walking the Camino.
Jenelle that I met in Leon and here. Ruth, Tom, Pruitt, Kylie and so many others. Spent at least 4 hours in the cathedral as well. Might try to get to Finesterre tomorrow by bus. Washed clothes tonight as well. Buen Camino. Djoe

Monday All Souls day.

Pictures from today.

1st  prayer cloths and NC flag at mass.
2nd. Prayer cloths blessed by Bishop
3rd  guys who control incensor
4th awesome picture of a blessing from St James.

Sunday, November 1, 2015



Santiago de compestelo.

What can I say. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Only had 11 km this morning and arrived at Santiago de compestelo at 1015 am Went directly to the office of peregrinos and received my certificate of completion. The first awesome moment of many. A lot of other pilgrims were there in line and we all knew each other, so each time someone came out with their diploma there were lots of hugs and tears. Next I went to the cathedral at 1105 and it was almost full. I found a good place to sit and put my coat down and then went and hugged the statue of St James. Then I went down under the altar and venerated the relics of St James. The portico of glory is under renovation but a guide let us see a few special things. It is the special door that the pilgrims enter to the cathedral. At the beginning of mass, there was a procession of a statue of St James. Then I watched as they put incense in the huge censor and blessed all the pilgrims. WOW. Then All Saints mass. At the end of mass the pilgrims went out in front of the portico of glory and just relaxed. It was awesome. Met up with some friends and got a place to stay and then did a tour of the cathedral. We then browsed some shops, got something to eat and I came back and finally showered and as I blog, I am getting very tired. An excellent day. Thank you St James. I hope to sleep in a bit tomorrow before I plan anything. It is supposed to rain the next 4 days. I'll post a couple of pictures coming into Santiago and then the Cathedral.
I am feeling humbled by the whole day and PROUD TO BE CATHOLIC.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Another Saturday night thought.

I met a group of Spanish kids this morning and they were walking 40 km on the Camino. Their age was about 10 to 13. When I went past them they all yelled BOO and happy Halloween. Then they wished me a Buen Camino. It made my day. Picture to follow.
Buen Camino. Djoe

Also what I ate for dinner.

I stayed at the Concha hostel tonight and I am excited to get up and walk the last 10 km to Santiago. Good night. Buen Camino. Djoe 

Lots of pictures today. Saturday

1 - resting my feet.
2-  the Camino.
3-  km markers to Santiago
4-  same
5-  name of restaurant I am at
6-  had to show you that the the big toenail is off but healing well. You didn't want to see last week. Buen Camino. Djoe

Lavacolla, Saturday night.

I am 10. 5 km from Santiago de compestelo. I did 35 km today and it was a bit much but I am so excited for the All Saints pilgrim mass at noon tomorrow. Just wanted to make sure I get there early. A lovely day. Only rained for 20 minutes. I walked in my sandals the last 2 days and they are almost done for.
I also hope to attend all souls mass on Monday at the cathedral.
Prayers today for all the parishes on the reservations and all who are in ministry in all the various churches.

Miss my cuzin Donna today and tomorrow she will be with me in a special way.
Grateful for this body of mine that has brought me this far. I have pushed it hard the Last 3 days. I am over 300miles today.   WOW, WOW, WOW.
Pictures to follow Time to eat. Buen Camino. Djoe

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pictures from Friday.


1 and 2--flowers for Shirley and Annie.
3 the Camino.
4. Pilgrims statue pointing the way to Santiago.
An old village church.

Boente, Friday night

Longest day on the Camino. 33km very tired but it was a good day. No rain. and cool with a breeze all day. Trying to make All Saints mass on Sunday. I have 46 km left to Santiago. Hard to believe. The pilgrims mass is at noon on Sunday. I have 27. 5 km tomarrow and then 20.1 on Sunday. I should be able to do it. Staying at  Boente Albergue .It's crowded but okay. I had a hamburger for lunch. The first one since I left the states. It was not McDonald's but it was good. Got to talk to Shirley and Annie today and that was really good. I love walking the Camino. The conscious contact with the Lord is so good. Thank you Jesus.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ventas de Naron , after dinner

Staying at the casa Molar with only 2 other pilgrims, both American. Had a wonderful discussion with Tom from Portland and Ruth from St Louis. Had chicken noodle soup and chicken and potatoes, and Santiago cake for dessert, which has an almond taste. Tempted to try octopus as it is a delicacy here. The wind is howling outside. RAIN for casted for the rest of the Camino. Praise the Lord. Blessings to all. BUEN Camino. Djoe

Ventas de Naron Thursday night . 29th

Did 31. 6 Km today as I am trying to make it to Santiago for All Saints mass. Only 79 km left. HARD to believe. It was rainy and misty and the wind came from my left side. Gusty wind especially this afternoon. Was concerned when I heard about my brother, Fr Jim from Lodge Grass being attacked after mass last night. So I started out praying a rosary to calm myself down and who joined me was my brother Tom in spirit and I was moved and consoled. I struggled with where to stay because the group I have been meeting at night stayed 6km back, but I kept walking. I arrived here and I was the only pilgrim staying, when in came a guy from Portland, and his name is Tom. That is the blessings of the Camino.
I need Mike M. To email me on my Gmail address please. thanks. That address for me is.
Prayers today for all battling addictions and for all us codepents as well.
1.bridge into Portomarin.
2.Me yeah!!!!
3. km markers every 1/2 km from here on.
That one is 78, I think. Ha