Friday, October 30, 2015

Boente, Friday night

Longest day on the Camino. 33km very tired but it was a good day. No rain. and cool with a breeze all day. Trying to make All Saints mass on Sunday. I have 46 km left to Santiago. Hard to believe. The pilgrims mass is at noon on Sunday. I have 27. 5 km tomarrow and then 20.1 on Sunday. I should be able to do it. Staying at  Boente Albergue .It's crowded but okay. I had a hamburger for lunch. The first one since I left the states. It was not McDonald's but it was good. Got to talk to Shirley and Annie today and that was really good. I love walking the Camino. The conscious contact with the Lord is so good. Thank you Jesus.

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  1. Good morning/evening to you my dear one & blessings on your Way today! YOU WILL COMPLETE THE JOURNEY IN TIME! Angels will carry you with increased strength & determination. Be aware of the deep innner peace & all good of God & in all of our awesome creation, even every blade of grass! God be Praised & loads of love & prayers from my heart to yours! Your Sis+