Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 15 O Cebreiro Top of the Camino

Left at 7 30 am with a man from Phoenix. It rained all day, 31km and it was rugged and prayerful. All up hill and we climbed in the rain. I spent some time with a Korean girl whose father is a pastor, Presbyterian. THEN STRAIGHT UP IN THE rain and I was by myself. I put my head down because my glasses kept fogging up. And at 1km left the sun came out and I was soaked through. I checked in at the Alburgue and it was packed and everybody was wet and it stunk really bad. Very concerned about bedbugs so I looked for my friend from Phoenix and we got a double room for 15 euros a piece. So we showered and found WiFi and now we are blogging and getting ready to eat. 154 km 6 miles pictures

1 up the Camino
2 gal from Korea
3 way up top
4 town I am in

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  1. Did you not pack a razor Joe? lol jk Enjoy reading your posts everyday. Continued prayers for you on your journey.