Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 5 Carrion on the Camino

Did 20 km with a total of 79 km so far. I lost my right big toenail this morning but I am bandaged all up and I still walked the Camino. I walked in my sandals, a little slower but that is what the Lord wants me to do. Slow down. I never seem to get that message. Attended mass at St Lawrence the Deacon church. What a blessing.
Tomorrow the other toenail comes off and I hope to walk 26 km.
Mike, can you send me a Skype request. I am under anna.rideshorse.
Tomarrow I walk remembering Hanna Harris and family. I have the tshirt and I will wear it. Thanks for all your prayers.
I love you all .    Djoe


  1. I keep praying for your safety & all intentions. May God heal your toes & give you stamina & healing of all that you need. Love & prayers.
    Your sis+

  2. Sent you skype request... Call back when you can. Mike