Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Leaving Santiago de compestelo.

Went to mass at noon and saw a Korean couple I traveled with for a while. Check pictures. Also visited the church of St Francis. Check pictures On my way to the airport. Buen Camino. Djoe
Pictures of the death of St Joseph, never saw one like this.
Who is this lady. Muy important in the life of St James.
Got to get to the airport Buen Camino. Djoe

Homily. Esta Casa Muy importante.


  1. Buen Camino Dear Bro Joe 7 many blessings & safety as you travel home! Much love, prayers & may the angels bring you safe & sound with good & healed toes & toenails!
    Start writing your memoir book NOW> will be a best selling Christmas Gift - AHHH
    and a best seller with your personal anecdotes. Hugs always! your Sis+

  2. love to all as you go into re-entry on the Res. Love! Sis+

  3. Thoughts, prayers, and love as you travel and reconnect!!
    What a journey!
    XOXO, B&P