Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday, November 3

On the bus to Finesterre or Fissterre. The first name is closer to Latin which means end of the world. The Romans named it this when they were here.
The Vistas are beautiful as we ride along the coastal waterways. Met a lovely retired couple, teachers, who are getting off 12 km before so they can walk in and enjoy the entry to the end of the world. Their names are Jack and guess -'---Carol.
The reason why I did that is because it's a special day for some one very close to me.
A most blessed birthday blessing to my dearest OLDER SISTER who is 102, no, I think she is 72 today. Whatever. Happy birthday. HALLELUJAH! €$#/^&*
Some of the pilgrims also walk these last 90 km as part of the Camino. Because of time, I am on the bus.

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