Sunday, November 1, 2015

Santiago de compestelo.

What can I say. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Only had 11 km this morning and arrived at Santiago de compestelo at 1015 am Went directly to the office of peregrinos and received my certificate of completion. The first awesome moment of many. A lot of other pilgrims were there in line and we all knew each other, so each time someone came out with their diploma there were lots of hugs and tears. Next I went to the cathedral at 1105 and it was almost full. I found a good place to sit and put my coat down and then went and hugged the statue of St James. Then I went down under the altar and venerated the relics of St James. The portico of glory is under renovation but a guide let us see a few special things. It is the special door that the pilgrims enter to the cathedral. At the beginning of mass, there was a procession of a statue of St James. Then I watched as they put incense in the huge censor and blessed all the pilgrims. WOW. Then All Saints mass. At the end of mass the pilgrims went out in front of the portico of glory and just relaxed. It was awesome. Met up with some friends and got a place to stay and then did a tour of the cathedral. We then browsed some shops, got something to eat and I came back and finally showered and as I blog, I am getting very tired. An excellent day. Thank you St James. I hope to sleep in a bit tomorrow before I plan anything. It is supposed to rain the next 4 days. I'll post a couple of pictures coming into Santiago and then the Cathedral.
I am feeling humbled by the whole day and PROUD TO BE CATHOLIC.

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