Friday, November 6, 2015

Final Blog November 6th

My trip home was another experience of the Lord watching over me and providing for me. I purchased a plane ticket from Ryanair from Santiago de compestelo to Madrid on my phone but wasn't sure that I actually got it. I paid 12 dollars for the ticket but I never got a confirmation from them. So I took the bus --3 euros -'and got to the airport 4 hours early to make sure. Well, it was siesta time and nothing was open at the airport. At 7 30 pm they opened and yes I had a ticket but I couldn't get my boarding ticket on my phone for some strange reason. Well, a very nice lady helped me out and in 5 minutes all was done.
I arrived in Madrid at 1145 pm and was planning to spend the night at the airport  , but I realized that it wasn't a good idea. In that terminal alone, there were hundreds of others doing the same. I had an offer from 2 other pilgrims to stay at the place they were in but it would cost 120 euros. But I didn't go with them. I tried to roll out my sleeping bag and rest but in came the cleaning people and they kept moving everyone. It was chaos. I heard this little voice inside of me saying, we can do better than this. So I got up, rolled up my sleeping bag and found an information desk. The lady said that all the hotel's were full. Then she asked if I was a peregrino, and I said yes. She said there was a little hostel about 10 minutes away and it was only 50 euros, and they would come and get me as well. It was an excellent little place with my own bathroom and all. They even took me back to the airport that next morning. I left Madrid at 11 am and I was in Billings at 1130 pm and my wingman Mike picked me up. I gained 8 hours on the way home. On my flight from Madrid, I sat next to a pilgrim as well. She had an amazing story.
Struggling with jet lag and some stomach issues, but I will be okay.
I am so grateful to all who have supported me on the Camino in so many ways. Couldn't have done it without so many awesome people that had my back.
I still have some pictures that I took the day I left Santiago of the church of St Francis. Those will follow.
One last thing. Thomas Shoulderblade was on my flight when I left Billings and again when I arrived home. He really blessed me and I appreciate him very much. HAHO.
1st --a Korean couple that I met on the Camino and then had not seen them for over a week. At my last mass at the cathedral, at the sign of peace, they were 3 seats behind me. What a blessing to see them.
2nd picture, A statue of the dying of St Joseph with Jesus and Mary by his side. First time I have ever seen this.

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  1. Welcome HOME DEAR BROTHER, and thank you for your prayers, sacrifices and all you offered & suffered along the WAY! I am deeply grateful for your determination and stamina & you are NOW our SUPER-DEACON, AS WELL AS A SUPER-BROTHER AND SUPERMAN!!! Please consider writing! Your experiences can touch more hearts than you can imagine! See what God tells you! Love & grateful prayers! Your Sis+